Pastor Matt Miller of Grace Baptist Church in Colorado Springs

Pastor Matt Miller’s family started Grace Baptist Church in 1976 with just their family and a handful of tracts.  Pastor served under his father as Youth Pastor as well as Associate Pastor until 1995, when he felt the call to take a church in Grand Junction, Colorado. He pastored there for 5 years where they took a church of 27 and led it to a weekly attendance of 200.  Knowing his father was close to retirement, Pastor felt it was God’s will to return to Colorado Springs and take over the ministry.  He’s been Pastor of Grace Baptist Church since July 4, 2006.

Our Pastor has a compassionate heart and a desire and zeal for reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Miller is a personal soul winner and often has a fresh testimony of winning a soul to Christ.

Our Pastor is a man of convictions and of following the doctrines of God’s Word, holding it as a standard for godly living in an ungodly age.