Pastor Matt Miller’s family started Grace Baptist Church in 1976 with just their family and a handful of tracts. What started as a small church plant in the basement of a bank has grown to a ministry with a reach and impact around the world today. Our church reaches into our community, our state, and across our country and world through the ministries that our pastor has led us in under the vision that God has given him. Over the last 42 years, thousands of souls have been reached with the Gospel and countless lives have been touched with God's grace as we strive to bring glory to God and reach the world for Him.


Grace Baptist Church started as a new church plant in 1976. Dr. Dean Miller arrived in Colorado Springs in 1976 with his family and a vision to start a Bible-believing, independent, Baptist church in Colorado Springs. At the time, there were few other independent Baptist churches in the area, especially on the north end of the city. Pastor Miller began the task of looking for a suitable location to start a church in the area. Through a miraculous meeting, Pastor Miller arranged to use the basement of a newly built bank near the intersection of Austin Bluffs and Academy Boulevard. The church quickly grew from an initial meeting of 52 people and was chartered on July 4, 1976. The church soon outgrew the space that it was using and moved to a new location at 254 South Academy Boulevard.

New Growth

After moving to the new location on South Academy Boulevard, the church experienced tremendous growth. New ministries were started, bus routes were created to pick up people wanting to come to church, and great revival was taking place. Our church was truly becoming a cornerstone for the Gospel in our city.


Sensing the need for more space as the church grew, Pastor Dean Miller and several members began praying that God would provide a property for the church to build a new building. Through a miraculous series of events, God provided 20 acres of prime land overlooking the north end of the city and the church built a new building in 1982 for the growing congregation. It was here, over the next 20 years, that the church grew both in size and reach under Dr. Miller's leadership. Souls were being saved and lives were being changed as more buses were run and more ministries were created to reach people. It was during this time that a college was created to train men to go out into the harvest and reach people in other cities and states. Through the ministry of the church and its training, several churches were started across the nation and more people were reached for the Lord. Through the blessings and even the trials, these years can be summed up in Numbers 23:23, "...What hath God wrought!"


In 2004, the church voted Dr. Matt Miller into the pastorate under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Dean Miller. Pastor Miller brought a new and exciting vision for the church to expand its reach and began the process of building a new education building to house the additional members. This new building was a welcome addition for the church, nearly doubling the available space for church services and other ministries, and was used extensively. However, God had other plans for our church and we soon found ourselves looking for a new home. One of the key desires of Pastor Miller's vision was for God to place our ministry nearer the center of our city where it could affect people equally in every direction. That vision was realized when the church sold its property and moved to a new location just minutes from downtown Colorado Springs. In the process, God miraculously provided an amazing building that is nearly three times the size of the old property's buildings and within easy access of key transportation routes in the city. Many new people have encountered Grace Baptist Church since then and our church continues to see lives changed and souls saved throughout our city and beyond.


Under Pastor Miller's leadership, Grace Baptist Church has seen God do miraculous things. In our new property, we are poised to reach many new people and see God change lives for years to come. We are also striving to reach our world through an active missions program, new church plants in Colorado and abroad, and a focus on new avenues of outreach wherever God provides an open door. Come and join us as we seek "All Things" for God.