Amber Bosje, First Baptist Church

Dominique Miller, Grace Baptist Church

LaTricia Tolbert, Grace Baptist Church

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow Ladies' Conference

Friday, April 26th from 10 AM-5 PM


Mrs. Loretta Walker stated to me that meeting for ladies held all over America is needed NOW more than ever before! This is the reason I am inviting YOU, YOUR LADES and YOUR TEEN GIRLS.


What is it?                          A one-day meeting, Friday, April 26th from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

Is there a theme?            I Know Who Holds Tomorrow - Matthew 6:34

Who is speaking?            We are BLESSED to have Mrs. Amber Bosje from First Baptist Church in Hammond, IN as well as some local Pastor’s wives willing to share their hearts with us.

Does it cost?                      We are asking for $10 per person to simply cover a portion of the expenses.

Our doors will open at 9:15 for a Meet 'n' Greet in our cafeteria with coffee and some pastries. We’d like to get reacquainted with each other before starting.We are planning for a time of singing, silliness and soul-searching teaching in the morning. We will serve a lunch to all, and then go into split sessions


My prayer is that you will seriously consider attending and bringing your ladies and teen girls with you.


I have never attended a conference that was convenient… we all have families, duties at home, and even jobs outside the home, but God’s Word has never returned void.  I also have never attended a conference and regretted that decision!


Please consider making meetings such as this a priority in your life, therefore encouraging the ladies in your church to do the same. We will take time off for things that are important to us!