Church Bus

Grace Baptist Bus InvitePerhaps the greatest tool of our generation in reaching children has been the Bus Ministry. Thousands upon thousands have been reached and countless lives affected through it. It has brought many children under the sound of the Gospel that would have never otherwise even darkened a church door.
The window of opportunity for reaching children grows smaller each passing year. There was a time that you could easily reach kids for Christ until the age of twelve. I think that age today is probably ten. Satan is enslaving kids sooner and sooner into lives of sin. It is absolutely mind blowing what kids today know and have experienced. Things that High Schoolers were rarely doing a decade ago are now commonplace for kids under ten.
If we are going to reach our generation for Christ, we must go after the children. Here is where the harvest is ripe and ready. Here is where hearts are open and minds receptive.
Have you ever been in a service where people were asked at what age they were saved? It is astounding how many in our churches today were reached before they became teenagers. The Bus Ministry still works!
Our bus ministry has been reaching the people of the Colorado Springs region for almost 40 years. It has been responsible for providing transportation to thousands of people to church through the years.

Grace Baptist Bus kids